Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tutsie - 01.26.10

Make your own embellishments - Snowflakes
We tried two different ways to make snowflakes today. Made some from scratch using the pattern below and some using my trusty Slice. I'm sure some of you have made snowflakes before. I, on the other hand, can't say I've had the pleasure; since we don't have snow here and all... so I was super excited to make these! They were fast and fun. (according to Dean the Slice ones weren't fast or fun :oP )
I got these instructions for making paper snowflakes from here.
While I made the big snowflakes (on the right) Dean cut some little ones with the slice. The ones pictured above are just the ones made from the pattern. I tried to be creative and do different cuts to get different snowflakes... but I'm sure you all knew that since I'm probably the only one that's never made snowflakes before :o( Yes, I'm a little bitter... I'm not one for the heat.

Once cut, I outlined the snowflakes with a Snow Marker and used my heat tool to puff it up. Then I used a small paintbrush and went all over them with white Perfect Pearls. Fun stuff, try it!

Here are some of the snowflakes at their final stage :o) On the left are the ones cut using the Slice, and on the right are the ones hand cut. I then layered the hand cut ones to form a 3-D looking snowflake which will be the focal point of my layout. Can't wait!

I'm still working on that layout. So for now I'll leave you with these two totally unrelated layouts I made today at the store for display. If you like what you see and would like to make one of your own, come by ScrappyB to get your BoBunny supplies and stay a while... We'd love to have you over :o)
It's 9:35 and I'm just publishing my post. I guess I should blame it on an excellent episode of Chuck and the 30min power nap we took after it... Shame on me.

Stay sweet,

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  1. I love the Lo's! Can't wait to copy them!!
    the snowflakes are cool!