Monday, January 25, 2010

Can do Monday - 01.25.10

The Challenge - Scrap without a picture!
The story behind the challenge - I could have sworn I snapped a few shots in the Subway, of our luggage and of ourselves. I even remember posing inside the fake Subway prop that they have right when you get to the airport... Now where are these pictures, I have no clue. This story had to be scrapped with or without pictures, it was something I didn't want to forget. Plus, no way I was going to pass up using these cute American Craft travel papers! they were too perfect for this...
The new ongoing challenge - figure out how to take better layout pictures. These just don't do them justice. As hard as I tried to fix the color, its still off... The background is white not yellow! If you have any tips on how to take better layout pictures please let me know. I need help! and yours would be greatly appreciated :0)

*See* ya tomorrow!
Stay sweet,


  1. Marianna! Take it into Photoshop and adjust your levels! Select your whites and see if that helps the colors in the rest of the photo as well =P

    I have to say, your work lately is so inspiring (not that it wasn't before, I just haven't seen a lot in a long time) and I can't wait to get started on my new websites just to be creative too!

    This one is so much fun because it's more than photos and I always keep random stuff like your subway card.

    I have issues with your handwriting but as long as you can read it, it's cool =D

  2. Dude I did take it into Photoshop.. before it wasn't cream yellow, it was mustard! :oP Still though, I need to learn how to take good pictures without having to spend time editing. Dean and i got some boards today and will try those tmw see if it helps.

    I'm so happy you're enjoying this blog! The whole point of it its to be inspiring, so its good to know its working hehe.

    It is most definitely more than just photos, it's about stories... and this was one I didn't want to forget, you know?

    ...and stop hating on my handwriting! :oP Hope you got the gist of the story though.. I had to fit a lot in little space.

  3. Maybe it's the lighting. I have trouble with indoor shots sometimes. Are you near flourescents? Eileen
    P.S. This layout is fab, even if you can't find the pics.