Friday, January 15, 2010

Fetch-a-Sketch Friday 01.15.2010

Can't believe I made it on time! I really wanted to make a layout using Basic Grey's new Sugar Rush and post it for today's sketch. I found the perfect pictures for it and couldn't wait to make it! But then there was Sea World, and I didn't get to start working on it till around 6pm... I know, what was I thinking right? Next week my goal is to stay a day ahead. Wish me luck! :oP

and here's the sketch:

Before we left this morning I figured I'd make a sketch from yesterday's layout *just* in case... So although I'm late, you get two sketches instead of one! WOOT! - this page has so much going on, makes the sketch look kinda wacky...

A shot from today...

With our yearly Sea World passes about to expire, we embarked on what seems to be the last journey to this water kingdom- although we didn't get to ride Kraken or Atlantis so I'm trying to convince Dean to go again next week before our expiration date :o) (he's not a thrill ride kind-a-guy) We discovered and watched new shows, recapped the old ones and rode Manta once again by dragging Dean onto the ride. Had a great day... I'm going to miss Sea World :o(



  1. love your sketch and your layout is awesome!

  2. WOW! What a layout! I'm not really a 2 page scrapper but you did a fantastic job! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)