Friday, December 31, 2010

This new year...

Together with the ScrappyB crew I'm taking the Ali Edwards One little word class. I'm having issues picking my word. Picking one word is more like it. I'm too indecisive... Let's just say in multiple choice questions I'm more likely to select the "option A and B" answer.

Soar is not my word. [ :( ]
But it's what I was feeling like today. Made a 5x7 canvas just for kicks and loved it. No purpose creating is my favorite kind.

I keep adding to my list.. instead of narrowing it down to one word. Told ya I wasn't very good at this. Here's what I got going one so far. Please help!!!!! I need all I can get..
In no particular order..
  • dare
  • brave
  • discover
  • embrace
  • journey
  • today
  • priority
Today I'm really feeling dare. Dare can encompass all these other words. hmmm I might be onto something. Some reassurance would sure be appreciated!! :o)

Stay sweet,


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Told ya..

I love these things.

I could cry just looking at this "love" box. It has so much meaning to me and my relationship with Dean. If you haven't made one, try. You'd be surprised how special this little thing can be. It now holds some very special memorabilia that we have either collected or that Dean has given me in the past 6 years. And just every time I look at it, it brings back so many memories and with it, many many feelings. Feelings that may have been stored away in some drawer or box. I'm not gonna lie, it was a challenging, finding little things that will fit... but remember! you can take some of the little boxes out to make a bigger compartment. I know! clever, right? and to know we owe it all to Tim...

I wont go into details as to what every thing means in order to leave my sappiness level confidential :oP but know that I hold this box and its contents very dear to my heart, and might as well be my favorite thing ever. After the giver of the mementos, of course :oP

Stay sweet,


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

I'm so very excited about 2011. It's a new year full of possibilities and new adventures for me and my family. But stop me from getting too ahead of myself. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I can't believe it has come and gone... and what a great one it was! First Christmas in our little home with brand new personal traditions full of love. I truly wouldn't have it any other way. I hope your Christmases were merry and filled with joy with those you love.

babe and I Christmas eve . I heart this photo.. hee

(cannot even tell you how excited I am to have a Christmas picture of the four of us!!) eek!!

I have had these pics to post since for.ever. but I guess better late than never. I got to play with Tim's boxes (that's what I will always call them as I can never remember their proper names) and absolutely love them. I want to make one for everything. Kinda intimidating at first. Cuz you know, not all of us have miniature people, cars, and what-nots sitting around the house :oP Soooo glad I conquered it and went for it.. made two more after this!

Merry Christmas to all..
Stay sweet,