Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indulge and Divulge Thursday - 01.14.10

The Crop A Dile Corner Chomper:The Chomper can chomp:
  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Chipboard up to 1/32" thick
  • Wall covering (thick)
  • Grungeboard
  • Acrylic
  • Sturdy leather, such as belts.
I could not get the Chomper to chomp:
  • Fabric
  • Canvas
  • 1/32" metal (although I believe it would work on thinner metal)
This would be a great tool to have if you find yourself wanting to round corners of your mini books or altered projects often. Or if you're still looking for a good corner puncher like I was. The Crop A Dile Corner Chomper comes in four different styles, each with two punches!

Here's a layout I made using the chomper. It was used on the grungeboard under "be you" and on pattern paper throughout the layout.

And here are some details of the page... Love the Prima flower and the googly eyes on the owl :o)

I had some scraps of Basic Grey's Origins laying around so I figured I'd make a card, and I might as well chomp the crap out of it :oP I cut the front flap of the card about 1" to make the front shorter than the back, and corner punched (or chomped) all edges of the actual card AND the paper... now who to send it to? hehe

Let me be honest... I had to think long and hard whether or not this tool was worth it. With a retail price of $24.99 I was a little skeptical, but when you think about it you're really getting two punches in one tool. It almost comes out to be the same price as if you were buying the two individual punches. In my case both were the same style only different sizes, but the other designs actually have two different styles, which makes it even more worth it...

Hope this gave you a little inside scoop on the *new to me* Crop A Dile Chomper! :o)

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