Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love these girls...

Just a quick layout for you today. I'm really loving this white background deal, can't you tell? I used Basic Greys' Sultry and two different sets of Thickers. I thought these pictures from Epcot would look awesome with this line. I love the way it brings out the color in them - once again, Basic Grey doesn't disappoint.

We have so much fun together, and this day wasn't any different than all the other wonderful ones I've spent with Wy and Eileen. I love these girls, they are so sweet, lovable, thoughtful - they are just great; I'm really lucky to have them in my life. Although I must say, there's one thing I remember most about our trip to the Flower Festival... can I say HOT?! Eileen and I were DYING. We're such babies. hehe To our defense though, we were carrying those heavy cameras with those huge lenses. That must have to count for something, right?

I'll leave you tonight with a quote... Come back tomorrow for a new layout!

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."

- Abraham Lincoln



  1. Mari, Your the Best. I love you too,

  2. That is such a beautiful layout! Absolutely love how girly and sweet it looks. And the photo collage is amazing!

  3. I love you too baby! This year we go in the spring, kay?? Eileen

  4. I bet this page stands out from all the rest of yours =P It's so....white!!