Friday, January 8, 2010

Gosh I love Basic Grey...

Basic Grey has come out with yet another two breath taking lines; Origins and Sugar Rush...

Speaking of which, have you checked out their new site? They just launched it this week. Basic Grey is more powerful than ever, now you can find their patterns in digital form and also in fabric! I know... crazy.

I haven't had a chance to play with Sugar Rush yet, although is on my *urgent* to do list so expect something featuring that line pretty soon!

For now though, let me show you a layout I just made this morning using Origins:

And here's a sketch of the layout:
**This is my first sketch ever!!! WOOT! I plan to make one for each layout posted here... who knows, maybe soon I can have a collection of sketches!

Here's a sketch of the layout:

Believe it or not, this layout was a little challenging for me. If you know me, you know I love to crowd my pages until there is no more breathing room. Every once in a while I make myself work with some white space and step away from the layout although I don't really want to. And boy is it hard!!! I managed to leave it be, and I can honestly say I'm pretty happy with the finish product. Hope you like it too and find some inspiration for a future layout!

This morning... well that's something I could talk about... Blue and Indy got up at their regular -alarm clock style- time, 6:30am. After Dean took them out, fed them and fed ourselves we ended up in the office passing time so we could work out at our scheduled time of 8am. Well I think its fair to say that our daily work out never happened... by 7:45 I was whipping out my Origins stack just to take a looksy, but then I caught a sight of the picture we had printed using my new toy a few days ago and thought it would go perfect with this line.... and then there was just no stopping me. I think Dean realized it was pointless to even mention going back downstairs to exercise, smart move babe :oP. Next time I looked at the clock, it was already 9:15 and I had to be at the store (My LLS - the best store EVER) for my scheduled shift at 9:45: YIKES! Thankfully I'm only 5 minutes away. SO I hoped in the shower, got dressed and was out the door by 9:40.. yup, I'm good! Although I didn't have enough time to make myself look good... but that's another story hehe. At least I got my layout done, and as I'm sure all my fellow scrapbookers know; that's all that matters.

I think one thing can be said about me after this morning... I'm not really good with schedules.

hint: if you find the picture on the layout familiar it means you must have been here before... Thanks for stopping by again! Come back soon... I'm pretty sure things are going to keep getting better :o)

Stay sweet,




  1. It's looking good. We expect great things from you!

  2. love your layout! You are always so creative! And I love the new BG lines!

  3. Beautiful layout. I love that you made a sketch of it. HOw creative.