Friday, February 26, 2010

In a jewelry making mood :)

I was in a jewelry kinda mood last night... I've been neglecting jewelry making for months!!! I guess I was just having too much fun scrappin :oP So before I'm off to work the crop and then off to my weekend trip (WOOT! I'm so excited! I"m going to try to post something while I'm away - but if I don't, I might be having too much fun :oP Still bummed Wy is not coming with us.... we will miss you Wy!!!!!)

I made these simple earrings... I think they are very cute and would work great with a little black dress :o)

and I also made this very crafty and trendy necklace to wear on Sunday with a cute black shirt:

I guess you can say this is a Tim Holtz inspired piece, I used his chain and one of his keyholes as the base of this piece and then dressed it up with some beads, a ribbon made flower (like the ones I made for the tote and some very fun new rose ribbon I got from ScrappyB... I must admit, the ribbon is kinda itchy, but it's cute enough to make me have to wear it hehe

I'd love you're opinion on these. I'm not very good or experienced in jewelry making but it doesn't stop me from having some fun with some colorful beads and mix in some scrapbook supplies :oP

Have a great weekend!
Stay sweet,

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  1. you are just so talented. I LOVE that necklace! Take a pic of you wearing it!