Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random is the word...

...for today's events.

I can happily say we got tons of things done! Things that we've been meaning to get to for weeks... like finally getting our occupational license (which requires framing hehe) We also got quotes, set up meetings, did a little room rearrangement - yet again :oP and took the pups for a walk. I even got to finish a project I've had for over a year now! I made this book last year (? - maybe even the year before - ? ) as a sample for an alternative project for the calendar desk from Clear Scraps. Thought that it would be appropriate to finish it now since we are near Valentines and all... Besides, I'd like to have it displayed with actual pictures sometime soon :o)

Here are some shots for you:

*Note the actual journaling is still missing, it was getting late to post and I didn't want to rush it, and risk Dean say it was thoughtless hehe*

Of to do some more randomness... Self mani/pedi :o)

Stay sweet,

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