Monday, February 22, 2010

Just rambling, and a few facts...

I know, I've been slacking... I don't know how those of you that work full time (or are stay at home moms) do it! BIG props to you for getting your creative time on no matter what your life throws at you. I've noticed that it doesn't take much to ruin my mojo and I gotta do something about it - no doubt. But why even start making something if I already know I never like how things turn out when I'm in a crappy mood, or tired, or just rushing to get something done. I rather just wait, but there's gotta be another way; a way to *make* my mojo come back and work for me and my creativity. Let me know if you know the solution, I'll let you know if I ever figure it out.

Anyways, I've been covering Bette's shifts while shes out on vacation over at the best scrapbook store in the world, if not the universe - Scrappy Boutique. Which has been great because I've been able to put new product out for you (and even a little for me :oP ) and it's just so much fun! Fresh product inspires me, my head's already going crazy with ideas and so its my wallet; but that's another story. So between working and some possible life changing decisions I've had make, and think very long about I just haven't had a chance... I know, I know - excuses... but what can I say? I can only tell you the truth and hope you understand. Do you? Understand, I mean... Anyone out there? Please say Hi to know someone's *listening* ... sigh.

One of the (smaller) decisions I had to think long and hard for was whether or not to go to the Inspired Artist Workshop in May. After going over the pros and cons with Dean like 1 million times we decided to go for it. He's even going to be driving and staying with me since its in North Carolina! He'll be exploring, writting, picture taking, and getting inspired in his own way while I'm at workshops and crops. I'm really excited about it, I've been looking at ways to get other styles of art incorporated into my own and I truly think this will be a great jump start. My challenge for today was to figure out the schedule and all the supplies I need to bring with me so I have an idea far in advance. Now let me tell you why this is indeed a challenge. There's about 50 workshops to choose from that you can take (for an additional cost) while you're not in the 6 core workshops; either that or you spend your "free" time cropping and shopping... So first I had to go through all 50+ main workshops and pick which ones I would like to take. Then print out the schedule and mark said workshops (some of which are taught multiple times) and finally figure out a way to take most of the ones I liked without having them overlap. I don't think this explanation gives it justice - just take my word on it, it was a challenge ;) or you can ask Dean...
Now all I have to do is eliminate a bunch of them because I'm not about to double the cost of the 3 day event in mini workshops. Oh! and figure out how to sign up for them... that's kinda important.

The *crafty* challenge this weekend was to alter my new Prima canvas messenger bag!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I still don't feel confident using my new (to me) sewing machine, so I had to figure out a way to alter this one in time for our Bus trip next weekend! So I reverted to hand stitching and liquid stitch and promised myself that I will try to move forward next time and be brave. But for now this will have to do. I'm not quite finished yet, so come back tmw so I can show you the finished tote bag!

Stay sweet,


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