Monday, February 1, 2010

Can do Monday - 02.01.10

The Challenge - Add pictures/finishing touches to 5 layouts made in the past.
The story behind the challenge - Last year I didn't have much time to scrapbook, and when I did, I didn't have any pictures with me or if I did they wouldn't really go with the paper that inspired me at the moment. So what the heck?! I decided that I had to do *something*. For those of you who have gone through something similar, you know that scrapbooking withdrawal is not fun for you or for those around you; it can make you bitter at times... I figured the pictures could come later. True, but its a little more challenging when you're trying to fit your pictures in a predetermined space instead of creating your own... if you have piles of unfinished classes, you know what I'm talking about :oP Anyhow... I really need to be decreasing my pile of picture-less layouts so today I did so with 5!

Here you go:

There's something else I need to do... *THE PLAN* needs a makeover. Last Friday made three weeks since I started it and although I love it and it has inspired me in many ways there's just other things that I need to get done. Some things will stay the same, I will continue to do Can do Mondays and Fetch-a-Sketch Fridays. As for the other 2 days - change is upon us :oP I'll tell you more about it tomorrow...

Stay sweet,


  1. super cute. I wish I could do stuff like this

  2. Oh Mari, Beautiful. Wish I could join you everyday. :) Love Ya