Thursday, March 4, 2010

I don't know what's up with me this week.. I haven't been able to sit still and work on one of the many things I have to play with. Who gets me? Before I was stumped because I had run out of product that inspired me and now I'm just plain overwhelmed. I'll have some really cool projects to post tmw and maybe I'll even share some pics from our bus trip this past weekend. So many things I haven't shared yet... so many new product I can't wait to show you! Oh! I even took a sewing class this week and I finally learned how to properly use my machine. Manuals are not for me, apparently... We made a pillow case and I picked the same fabric that Eileen used to make me my most beautiful blankie that folds into a pillow! Next, I'm making PJ pants to match (And I'll get to wear them on our 10hr drive to Inspired - but lets keep that a secret :oP )

You know, I can't really post without a picture.... BRB, off to take a picture of a quick layout I made today with some older product and a picture of my pillow!

Dean found this picture while browsing though iPhoto and I just had to scrap it right away! I had forgotten I had taken it and it just brought me back to that trip and Blue's first beach experience. I had so much fun making this page. It was stress free and relaxing like they all should be! From now on I will try my best to just let go :o)

AND here's my pillowcase!!! (sans the pillow)

and a close up of the patterns:

If I were to do it again, now that I know what it takes and the procedure I would need to follow. I would most likely add a burgundy trim between patterns to make a bigger contrast... I love it though, wish I had an excuse to make more, anyone need some pillows?

**sorry about the crappy pictures... there's only so much editing I can do to make them more accurate. Natural light is your friend**

Come back tmw! I hope to have something done with some new product...
Stay sweet,


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