Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YAAAAY!!!! It's tote time!

As soon as I saw the Prima canvas bag by Donna Downey at ScrappyB I knew I had to have it! Now what I was going to do with it was another thing... see, I don't know how to use my sewing machine just yet, and I really didn't want to experiment with this bag. I wanted it to be cute, colorful and girlie and nothing says girlie more than flowers and ruffles!

Anyway, here's the bag... I ended up using liquid stitch and hand-stitching for everything here. Next time I promise to be brave and use my sewing machine. Off to get more yummy canvas product :o)

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of how this came out. Not bad for being my first right? OOOOOH I just thought it would have been super cute to add some clouds (as in dreaming in clouds) lets save that for next time :oP

I have tons of projects I'd like to finish this week, wish me luck!

Stay sweet,


  1. I loooovvveee itttt!!!!!


  2. Mari, this bag is ADORABLE!! You did such a great job!!

  3. mari i love it!
    your bag is amazing! can i post your pictures and link on my facebook and blog?

  4. I would love that, Donna! This was before I saw your video on Prima using watercolor on canvas... now I really want another to paint! lol. I'm taking Cari's camera bag class in May - really looking forward to it and to all the others!

    See ya soon!