Monday, February 8, 2010

Indy is my monster...

My sweet monster that is. He makes funny sounds that resemble monster-ish sounds, he likes to hide under beds, he bites (gently), and well hes huge. :oP Oh! and he's also my sock monster...

As soon as I saw the Monstrosity line from Sassafrass I knew I wanted to do something about him. Since todays challenge was to make my own over sized embellishment, I figured there would be nothing more fun than an over sized monster! So I looked through all the adorable little monsters Sassafrass came up with for this line and decided to go with the cute fluffy blue one. I know, shocker.

Basically what I did was sketch a bigger version of the blue monster on a white piece of cardstock. I then stripped it so that it was completely separated - arms, feet, body, head, horns, you name it. That way it was easier to trace and cut each in their corresponding colors. Once that was done all that was left was piecing it together, in other words - the fun part!

the finished product :)

during the construction of the adorable funky monster

once the monster was finished

and the layout with its guest of honor <3 the monster itself...

Hope you like it! This was a lot of fun to make - although the most fun was watching Dean try to sketch the monster's arm... it's a funky monster babe, perfection is not necessary! :oP Love ya still! Needless to say I had to re-sketch it, all those erase marks just weren't gonna work. I do appreciate the help though :)

Stay sweet,


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