Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've had these pictures printed out for over a week now...I would look at them and the paper that looked so great and I'd be dying to play but something always got in between me and my Basic Grey! :oP Today I said no more! Today I was a happy girl :o) Made a few layouts with this line (Green at Heart) Here's the first one:and some detail shots like always... (courtesy of Dean)

This is the thing with Basic Grey; EVERYTHING will come out looking awesome. Their papers coordinate so well that very little effort is needed (although that didn't stop me from spending more than a couple of hours on this layout :-X ) I love Basic Grey. It makes me happy...

Tomorrow Dean and I will be starting our paper class at Crealde School of Arts and then we're gonna swing by the Photoshop expo, so I doubt I'll have time to make anything new... Worry not! I'm saving Green at Heart layout number two to post tomorrow. :o)

I also have to start my photo tray soon since I have to have it ready to post with the winner of the white blank tray mid next week! If you haven't left a comment yet to have the chance to win a 7Gypsies 4x6 white photo tray for you to play with go here. I'll be announcing the winner next Wednesday!!

Stay sweet,

P.S You have no idea what troubles I went through to get this posted. The Internet on my computer was acting up and Blogger was not able to save all of my text before it started freaking out. I'm a Mac in a house full of PCs - that's just not fair. After many attempts to revive the Internet upstairs I decided to do the not-savvy but clever thing and take a snapshot with my IPhone, bring it downstairs and type it all over again (thankfully Dean offered to dictate) I'll leave you with this... in the process of trying to get this posted, and getting everything ready for tomorrows class, I managed to staple my finger. Now, how the heck did that happen? ...I have decided to stop questioning myself... :oP nighty night!


  1. you are such an artist. Sweet. Did you posted this on BG website. AH Please do. Please do as I suggest. It's important my dear girl. HA HA. LOVE YA