Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cuddle buddies

I was coming down the stairs one day and I caught them sleeping like this... So I quietly ran back up to get the camera so I could capture it. They're too good though, I guess Indy heard me and moved. I could have positioned them back to what I had seen before just so I could take the picture, but I refused - its just not the same knowing that you posed a photo... To my surprise a few minutes later they were back like this! This time I made sure I snapped the photo quickly and quietly :o)

I made this layout using Nikki Sivil's new line Willow Bee. You can see her entire collection here. Ah, I *heart* clouds... they make me happy :o)

We watched Hachi today and I cried like a baby... something about Dog movies really get to me. Let me just say I'm a sucker for unconditional love and loyalty and there nothing like the one a dog can offer you. Like Blue is with Dean. It's just beyond words, an unbreakable bond.

Stay sweet,


  1. I have to say I LOVE your style! and I'm like you that I can't pose a picture. it has to be in the raw of the moment ;0)

  2. So sweet......the LO, the pic and the story... :)


  3. I love the picture! You are lucky you have two boys. My labs are the typical brother/sister. Mom, he's touching me!!!! You will never catch them spooning!