Sunday, March 7, 2010

Indino the gardener...

Cosmo Cricket WOOT!!!!! So excited to finally be able to play with it. As soon as I saw their Garden Variety collection I thought of Indino. Dean calls him the gardener since he loves to dig holes in the dirt, take out dead plants, roll around in the grass and just admire natures beauty... If we would let him he would stay outside all day, just pondering. I love him.

and some detail shots, of course:

Here's the layout with the guest of honor:

and here I'm sure he's thinking "WOW all that just for me? They must really love me... So pretty :) Now, can I have some treats, pretty please?"

We celebrated Indy's first Birthday tonight. His official birthday was last Sunday but I didn't get home till late from the bus trip so we had to postpone it. We had pupperoni filled balloons and treat filled pinatas and squeaky toys :) I think we did pretty good.. Both him and Blue seemed happy.

So excited to share some mini-projects I made using Tim Holtz A Compendium of Curiosities book.. Come back tmw to take a looksie!

Stay sweet,