Wednesday, March 31, 2010

and the winner is.....

Drum roll please!!!!! The winner of a 7Gypsies 4x6 white photo tray is......

Emily B!
Congratulations Emily! You're the new proud owner of a photo tray (hehe I'm having way too much fun with this). So Emily, make sure you send me your info at :o)

I want to thank all of you for stopping by my blog.. I hope it becomes one of the frequent stops you make on your cyberspace journey hehe. I'm definitely gonna have more of these soon. They make me happy :)

and as promised... Here's my finished photo tray :o) I can't even tell you how excited I am to have this finished. Honestly this week has been so crazy that I probably wouldn't have finished it if it wasn't for the giveaway. So let me hear a woot woot for our first drawing :o)

I'm really loving how this turned out.. I think it's mostly because it has so much meaning to me. It's gonna be great looking back at our lists years from now and seeing what we wanted or liked. Not only that, but it'll be a constant reminder of our dreams and goals...

I'm beat... we just got back from St. Augustine. I'll tell you more about that soon. Although I can say one thing I learned for sure. *must* have Dean take pictures of me from all angles before leaving the house to see how I *really* look. Gym tmw six o'clock. :-X

Thanks for playing! We'll have to do this again soon :o)
Stay sweet,



  1. Hi Mari
    This is beautiful. It was great meeting you at the Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Guild last night. Terri, Kelly and I can't wait to see you in NC
    Maura Weins

  2. Congratulations Emily!!
    Mari, your photo tray is beautiful and very inspiring! Now I want one ;0)

  3. Oh my word! I'm so excited - thank you!!!!

  4. Me gusta. HA HA. Do you know if they brought back the dark trays at SB?

  5. I think so! On Saturday I remember seeing 4 different ones: the two sizes in white and in black :o)


  6. I love love love your tray!!!!! I want to do it!!!!