Monday, August 23, 2010

Funky Pumpkin!

We are getting Scrappy Boutique ready for Halloween! With all these amazing lines coming in you can't help but feel inspired.. Stacey picked up some pumpkins at Old Time Pottery so we could alter them for the store (Inspired by the awesome Cheryl Mezzetti). I figured one should be Halloween and one should be fall-ish. I got the spooky one done first and I love it! Not gonna lie, covering the openings was a pain but so totally worth it..

Here you have it my peeps.. pumpkin *numero uno* :oP :

*altered with The Moon Shine Crew by Reminisce*

Stay sweet,



  1. Cute, Mari! Can't wait to see them in the store.

  2. You have always impressed me with your creativity, imagination and your "eye" . . . you see the possibilities in raw materials and new supplies . . . when you've finished a new project or layout, everyone who sees it is always inspired (and envious!). I do believe that all of these inherent qualities you possess are the hallmarks of an artist.