Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where have I been?!?!

I know what it looks like.. You're probably thinking I've been slacking, but that's not it. I promise! I've just been trying to get a bunch of stuff sorted out.. Unfortunately not in the creative side but in the boring business side :oP I'm itching to work on some layouts and projects. So hopefully I'll have something to post soon :o)

We did manage to make 40 charms for the Inspired swap and have them shipped out all in a matter of days! (the picture above shows Dean's part in the production process :oP) I don't think I'm supposed to show the final product before Inspired. :-X

I'm also taking a bunch of classes at Scrappy Boutique this week and the next.. One with Angela and some with Cheryl! I can't wait :o) Hopefully I get to show you some of those too!

Gotta run! We're leaving for our meeting with the printer in 5 and I still gotta fix my hair... :-X

Stay sweet,

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