Friday, April 9, 2010

Random tags :)

I got into tags.. and then right out of them :oP

I really loved making them so I decided to give them another shot today.. These came out sooo much different than my first attempt. I decided to play with the colors more this time around and stay away from the brown. And this is the result:I'm not gonna lie, I'm not *in love* with these like I am with the other ones. BUT it was fun to get out of my comfort zone, try some new things and use some of my stash :oP I mean, seriously... what's up with that old school looking beach one on the left? hehe

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm working on a couple cute projects and I can't wait to show you!
Stay sweet,


  1. You should start selling these. Open up an Etsy store! I'm happy to see you out of your color/style comfort zone! They're still fantastic.

  2. I showed these tags to John and he was like,
    "wow, who did those? they are gorgeous!". I told him, Mari!!!!! I used to do tags 10 years ago and stopped, I think you inspired me to start again! Of course we loved the tag of "the boys"!!!!

  3. @Stacy - Maybe I will! :oP Glad you like them!! I really need to stop by next week. I was finally able to visit your blog! I love reading your reviews.. you crack me up. Funny thing is some of the movies I've watched but have no recollection of them :-X how the heck does *that* happen?!

    @Zanne - Tim's new book got me into them and I really love making them.. I hate to think scrapbooking limits you to layouts and books... It can be so much more! Lets have a tag party :o) Tell John I say thanks and that I hope to see him tmw :oP