Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friends are the family you choose...

Slacker alert... Slacker alert! That's right that's me. I have been nonstop since we got back; been to the vet, work and trying to get some projects done. And right when I think I can devote some time to the blog I realize there's more stuff going on, like a meeting with a printing company in just a couple of hours! I have most of the class pictures uploaded in a post but need some text to go with it, otherwise you'll just be all sorts of confused like I am right now lol. I figured I could at least check in since I can't sleep with a layout I got done for the store before I left... Hope you're still hanging tight, I like having you around :oP

I couldn't have to come up with a better title for some pics of Eileen and I than this cute BoBunny one. I love her to death and am so very happy to have her in my life and be able to share moments like this with her. We had a blast!

Come back soon.. :o)
Stay sweet,


  1. Delicious! I was going through withdrawal! Thank you for posting. I think I'll be around for awhile... :) The flower in the background with the ribbon - is that something you did or did it come that way. I'm always looking for things to do with ribbon. I like that. Angel-Group Y Rocked!!!

  2. So beautiful Mari!!!! I can't wait to see your inspired pics! :)

  3. I luv u too! Mama Eileen!