Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canvas + Webster pages = Love

I've been wanting to make a canvas for a while but I just kept getting involved with pages and pushing it aside. I guess I just needed a little push! well... all I really needed was someone else making a canvas to be totally on-board on pushing everything *else* aside lol. Lisa was working on some during our Fab NSD crop that I totally fell in love with. You can check them out on her blog here :o) and that was my push! A day later I was making this one below and two more for mothers day that I will share on Monday (Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise hehe)

For now, I'll share this one I made with one of my favorite pictures of the puppies. Can you believe how little Indy is in that picture? He's actually smaller than Blue.. God I love them!

Thanks Lisa for the inspiration! I can't wait to make more.. now all I have to do is find more wall space :oP

and some artsy shots, of course, by my personal photographer - Dean :o)

I can't believe Inspired is just *days* away! So much to get done before we go... so little time. Tomorrow we're taking the car to get it all ready for the trip. Can't wait! Oh! and I hope to post pictures of the ATCs soon. First time doing them but so far so good :o) I can't wait to meet everyone and learn tons of good stuff hehe... I will have to keep you updated as the event goes and show you all the awesome projects such talented ladies come up with... just blows my mind :oP

Stay sweet,


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  1. How adorable. I must get me one of those.