Tuesday, May 11, 2010

14 little things I learned on my first day at Inspired :o)

  1. If you wanna leave in the middle of the night you might wanna set your alarm. Otherwise you'll end up waking up *hours* after your scheduled departure.
  2. Half an hr is kinda tight to get ready when you're going out of town
  3. Even at 21 your parents will get all overprotective and resort to sleeping on the couch so they can say goodbye.. And well, hover as you're trying to hurry
  4. Velcro and my pretty flower ring don't mix
  5. Trying to find a black dog at 4 in the morning - not easy
  6. Doing your makeup in the car is cool... Unless you're trying to do it in the dark. No idea what I ended up doing to my face
  7. Stopping at Cracker Barrels along the way would be fun... If we were driving during working hours.
  8. I-95 has two sets of numbers
  9. Not all Cracker Barrels have doggy gear :o( But we did find one that did and got a "Crime Lab" T-shirt. WOOT!
  10. I felt starstruck for the very first time while meeting Donna... I know, silly.
  11. If the GPS is not cooperating it is likely I did something wrong - like skip a step
  12. While taking photos in the middle of the road check for cars. Repeatedly.
  13. Not all hotels have free wi-fi (seating in the business center trying to get this posted :oP )
  14. And last but not least, ATCs are meant to be flat.

The story behind the ATCs... One of the things I really wanted to do at Inspired was meet new people and hopefully future friends. Something I have a hard time doing on my own. I'm not one to approach someone out of the blue and start a conversation. Although I really wish I were. When I saw a bunch of ladies were swapping ATCs I had to join in! I thought.. what a great way to meet some wonderful creative ladies and share our info... To my defense, I've never done this before and if you've hung around this blog long enough, you know I *heart* 3D and my pages are always at least 1.5" tall lol. Anyway... so are my ATCs. YIKES! The way I'm looking at it? It'll def. give me something to talk about while swapping! and no, they will not fit in the common baseball card holders, but hopefully they are cute enough to hang on to anyway hehe

enough babble... these are it:

I made half with Blue and half with Indy. Speaking of which, I miss them like crazy! :o(

Off to see if I can get myself to man up and mingle :oP
Stay sweet,




  1. You didn't set your alarm? Oh my goodness! That's cute about your parents. I take it the flower ring bit the dust? Darn, still haven't made it to a Cracker Barrel to check out the labby stuff! Embassy Suites %*#@ for wi-fi! Have a great time. Can't wait to see your projects!

  2. Always learning is a good thing!! Loved you post today, enjoy and be inspired

  3. They are very cute, even if they aren't flat! :-)

  4. I give you an A+ in mingling. It was great being in Group Y with you, Kelly, Maura, Amber, and Terry. :) Angel

  5. Hi! Love your blog & photos of your gorgeous layouts. I just sent you an email re: the ATC's to see if you still want to trade via snail mail. LOVE your cute doggies & your ATC's!!! I LOVE 3-D ATC's - yours are great! (perfect just the way you create, as Donna would say -- as far as I'm concerned there are NO rules with ATC's. Would love to send you one of mine if you send me your mailing address.