Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's the story?

Several months ago Dean sent out a couple of things to Pet Planet Magazine of Central Florida: A Picture of Blue, one of Indy and a poem he wrote about his relationship with Blue. We counted the minutes for that next release to see what made it in and visited tons of Publixes trying to find a copy.. That month only Blue made it in. I remember Indy being *very* upset that his picture didn't make it... and by Indy I mean Dean :oP But guess what?!?! Dean and Indy made it in too.... only a couple of months later! You can imagine Dean's surprise as he was surfing through the pages!! Here you go.. take a peek and leave him some love :)

*dean would like you to know that this is not his best but I can tell he's still proud :P * and apparently he also wants you to know he loves me... ( I told him I wasn't gonna write that so it's a surprise hehe)

and there's my puppy Indino!!!! you can tell how long ago we sent this by how little he looks!!! reminds me he was a puppy once.. *sniff*

Here's Blues old picture in case you wanted a peek of that too!

Thanks for looking.. :o*
Stay sweet,


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  1. Yay, and congrats, Dean...how cool was this!!!