Sunday, January 16, 2011

At the beach in December

More Hopscotch? Why yes ! you know I love me some Basic Grey... Tons of goodies on this layout. Super busy but super fun... We had a blast at the beach last month. We got to take the pups with us and was just absolutely wonderful. It was an on-leash beach but we might have neglected that rule a bit (when there was no one else around hehe) We decided next time we're bringing the stake with our 30 foot leashes and let them play a bit (as long as there's no one around of course) after all, that would be they *are* on-leash, right?

so how am I doing with my "doing"? :oP

Stay sweet,



  1. You're getting it DONE and this is beautiful!!!

  2. your 'doing' great!
    i love super busy...fabulousness!