Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Guilty One...

I love pictures that tell a story, and I'm so lucky to have someone that takes the time to take such meaningful pictures like this one. A day before my class for the collins group event the dogs got into one of my sample books (the one with sticks on the cover) and destroyed it. I'm not gonna lie, I almost cried when I got home and discovered a bag full of pieces of my book. It all worked out in the end like it always does, but at that moment I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. When Dean got home he decided he was going to take a picture of Blue and Indy with whatever was left from the book.. Little did we know that a picture was gonna tell us exactly who the culprit was! I'm sure Blue took part on it, but I now have no doubt (as if I ever did :oP ) that it was Indy's conspiracy...

I used Basic Grey's Pyrus collection for this layout and I can't get over how great it compliments the picture!

I try to remind myself that when things like this happen. they will most likely be funny in the near future... I think this is pretty darn funny right about now! :oP

Stay sweet,

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  1. Awesome!!! Love the layout and the pic totally makes it! Moral of the story...all things happen for a reason.