Thursday, September 23, 2010


I know we're not even close to thanksgiving yet, but today I'm thankful. I made this wreath for ScrappyB a couple of weeks ago but haven't gotten to share it with you guys yet! If you're a local and a die-hard scrappy shopper chances are you've seen it at the store.

I haven't been around much and I'll get to explaining the reasons soon {hopefully}. But for today this seemed appropriate. A quick post just saying how thankful I am for having people in my life that are so willing to help and always {always} make me feel better. A special shout out to my other half and partner in crime who has suffered more paper cuts than he probably thought he would get in his life. SOOOOOOO Thankful for you and all your help :o)

This post suddenly feels specially sappy :oP

Stay sweet,


  1. Love it, Mari! It looks even more beautiful close the store. Thanks for the inspiration.