Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back home

Only for a couple of days.. Stacey, Julie and I head out to Chicago tomorrow morning and I can't wait! But I really do wish I had a little more time back home. I haven' really been able to spend much quality time with Dean and the dogs since I've been back. :(

For those of you wondering how my last trip went, embrace yourselves and read below. I will walk you through some of my high points and low points of this adventure!

I could write on and on about all I did for the four days I was away... but I wont bore you with the details. Instead I will share the knots and bolts! How's that? :o)

In the order of events:

Dean and I got to the airport fairly early. At least an hr and a half before my flight. We got my boarding pass, checked my luggage and had about an hr left before departure. We though we had enough time to grab some breakfast together, so we did.

With half an hr before departure we figured I should get going and get through security. We said goodbye and I was on my way.

Who knew going through security would take so long?! You're probably right.. any person in their right mind would know. It took me 25 minutes to get through security. That makes it only 5 minutes before the plane was scheduled to take off. Yeah, I was freaking out too...

I also didn't know I had to go to the terminal on this thing that was apparently broke. Oy. I'll spare you the suspense and just tell you that I made it right on time. Believe it or not, I wasn't the last person on the plane hehe

The flight from Orlando to Nashville was absolutely perfect. Two hours of pure bliss. I had all three seats to myself. Sat on the window seat and spread out throughout the rest. I read and wrote and listened to music. It seemed too short. Here I hoped the rest of my travels would be this nice.
I made it to Nashville with 2 hrs to spare before my next flight

I read some more and got me a yummy hot chocolate to pass the time

I was on time for this flight but was still one of the lasts to get on the plane.

I guess that's what A,B and C stand for on your boarding pass. It's not so great not having assigned seats in a full plane. I had to ask people to move to make room for me and that's when I discovered I'm not a very good judge of character.

All these two ladies could talk about were other people. I'm sorry but I don't really care if you don't like Mary, Britney or Joan. And you shouldn't either. There are other things to talk about in life besides crap about others.

I might be deaf for a while... Had to blast off my music in order to muffle their conversation.

The only good thing about this 5 hr flight was seating on the window seat. The sky was so clear you could see everything below. This was one of my favorite sights of the trip. As we approached Washington all you could see were mountains covered in snow. I fell in love.

Got to Washington around 1pm their time and took a shuttle to the fairgrounds. I'm sure the driver was amused about my "ooh's and ahh's" every time we went up or down a hill. :oP

Hung around for a while meeting everyone and getting familiar with the classroom and the classes that I was teaching.

Got back to the hotel, got some dinner and passed out till 4am their time the next morning.

Breakfast wasn't until 6

During breakfast I learned that you are not supposed to put hard boiled eggs in the microwave. They will explode.
First of 4 classes started at 9am but got to the fairgrounds around 7am.. Plenty of time to set up and get comfortable with the kits.

Got back to the hotel around 6pm, ate some left overs and watched a movie. BTW the hotel had free cookies and DVD rentals 24/7!!!!

Needless to say I went back for more cookies

The next day went pretty much the same, without the egg explosion thing.

Although I did discover you could see the peak Mt. Rainier from my window!

The shuttle picked us up at 6am Sunday morning

The Seattle airport was packed.

The had to call me on the PA system to board the plane as I was the only one missing.. To my defense, it was only 8:30 and they weren't scheduled to depart until 8:45. I was just trying to charge my phone :oP

The plane ride back was pretty much like the ride there. Except I had to sit in the middle, and i don't know about you, but I think that's the worst possible seat when you don't know the person on either side. I mean where do you lean?! All I could do was count down the hours till I saw my three loves again.

Nothing beats getting home to a set of open arms and 2 wagging tails.... and a tub of Nutella hehe

Yikes! That was probably much more you wanted to know.. hehe No details, my butt!!! :oP If you stuck around YOU ROCK!!! :oP

Hope you're having a great week!
Stay sweet,



  1. Glad to hear everything went well!!! I <3 the details!!!


  2. Sounds like you flew Southwest. Get the Southwest iPhone app, check in 24 hours ahead of time and I do mean exactly 24 hours ahead to get position A next time. It will always guarantee you an aisle or window seat. The middle seats are the worst. I even had A one time and had some teenager asked me to move over because he didn't like the aisle. I laughed at him and didn't move.